At Miami Pet Clinic, we want to be there for you and your furry companion through all stages of life. This includes helping to care for them in their golden years with appropriate senior pet care. As our pets age, they often develop certain common illnesses and conditions. From diabetes in older cats to arthritis in bigger dogs, we’re there to offer advice and treatments where possible to make your pet’s like a little bit easier.

Advice & Treatments

Wellness exams are a big part of keeping a senior pet in their best shape. They’re a good opportunity to raise any concerns you may have with the veterinarian, such as abnormal behaviors. Make note of any changes in eating or drinking habits, energy levels and anything that seems out of the ordinary. Some changes are simply part of slowing down as they get older, but others might be early signs of disease. We encourage pet owners to bring their pets in for regular wellness exams to catch illnesses as early as possible. The faster we can start treatments, the more effective they are and they’re often less expensive as well.

Our in house diagnostic tests allows us to perform blood work, urinalysis and fecal tests quickly and accurately. We also have a digital X-ray system for more complex diagnoses. For conditions that require surgical treatments, our veterinarian is experienced with both soft tissue and orthopedic procedures. Our facility is equipped with a sterile surgical suite and anesthesia equipment.

Full Service Veterinary

Miami Pet Clinic

Miami Pet Clinic is proud to provide senior pet care for pet owners in Miami, Little Havana, East Coral Gables, Allapattah, Silver Bluff Estates, Coral Groves, Coconut Grove, and nearby areas.