The team here at Miami Pet Clinic knows just how devastating it can be for owners when their furry friend goes missing. To help with these situations, we encourage all pet owners to get their cat or dog microchipped.

While a collar with identification tags can often be enough to get your pup or kitty back home, we’ve seen many situations where this isn’t the case. A dog that digs under the fence or slips their leash on a walk can lose those little tags. The same is true for indoor cats that manage to get outside, or outdoor ones climbing trees or making their way through bushes. A microchip will always be with your pet wherever they go and however much trouble they manage to get into while they’re there.

Simple & Quick

The process of getting your pet microchipped is simple and quick. The veterinarian will use a needle to insert a chip that’s about the size of a grain of rice just under the skin at the back of the shoulders. This area is generally made up of skin that has fewer nerves, so the process is much more comfortable for the animal. It’s important to have a qualified veterinarian perform the procedure to prevent the migration of the microchip once it’s in place and other health issues, especially in cats.

The best part about a microchip is that you don’t need to worry about moving or changing your phone number. You can simply call the microchip company or go online to update your contact information in their database at any time.

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Miami Pet Clinic

Miami Pet Clinic is proud to provide microchipping for pet owners in Miami, Little Havana, East Coral Gables, Allapattah, Silver Bluff Estates, Coral Groves, Coconut Grove, and nearby areas.