Just like people, our pets need regular dental care to feel their best. We can talk with you at your pet’s wellness exam to discuss the health of your pet’s teeth and go over what you can do at home to keep them healthy. However, most animals will require a dental cleaning at the vet’s to prevent periodontal disease.

By the time dogs and cats reach adulthood, 85% of them have developed some form of dental disease. This is caused by a buildup of bacteria that forms a slimy layer on top of their teeth caller plaque. Over time, plaque hardens into tartar. Without dental cleanings, it can also move beneath your pet’s gums and cause bleeding, pain and eventually loose teeth. Gingivitis under the gum line can also get into their bloodstream, leading to organ damage of the liver, kidneys and even the heart.

Dental Procedures

We offer digital X-rays during dental procedures to get a better look at the state of your pet’s dental health. This allows us to look for any problems inside the teeth and with the bones of the jaw. If the veterinarian determines that an extraction is necessary, we use a high speed dental drill and dental nerve blocks to ensure a quick and painless removal.

For dental procedures, we sedate cats and dogs with general anesthesia so that we can perform a thorough cleaning. This also helps us prevent your pet from swallowing that harmful bacteria as we remove the plaque and tartar from their teeth. Before the cleaning, the veterinarian will examine your pet for health problems to help ensure a smooth procedure. During their cleaning, we’ll remove plaque and tartar with an ultrasonic dental scaler and then polish to teeth to remove any rough spots.

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